The new outdoor movement is no longer defined by sport, but by a broader desire to reconnect with nature in an environmentally conscious way. No matter how they differ from one another, outdoor enthusiasts, be they surfers, canoers, fishermen, wildlife photographers, conservationists, entrepreneurs or farmers, are all empowered and driven by nature, adventure and sustainability. BESIDE aims to unite this disparate community of outdoor enthusiasts, offering them a stage to showcase their innovative curiosity, responsible resourcefulness and adventurous triumphs.

Giving a voice to the great outdoors

Giving a voice to the great outdoors

We trek through forests, we scale mountains and we paddle through rivers and streams, rarely asking who explored them before us and how we will ensure that others will be able to explore them tomorrow. These great wildernesses are our playground and our lifeblood, but how we choose to share in their splendor will ensure that they feed the hearts and souls of our generations to come.

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